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Why Your B2B Company Should Use a B2B Marketing Consultant

5 Powerful Ways a B2B Marketing Consultancy Boosts Your Business

5 Ways to Cultivate a Successful Relationship with Your B2B Digital Marketing Consultant

The Wide Range of Services in B2B Digital Marketing

How Outsourcing to a B2B Marketing Consultant Saves You Money 

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing to a B2B Marketing Consultant

Why Erfolk Digital Marketing is the Right Choice as Your B2B Marketing Consultant

B2B marketing has changed drastically in recent years. With the rise of digital channels, data-driven approaches, and an emphasis on buyer experience, many businesses are turning to B2B marketing consultants for expert advice and strategies. A skilled B2B marketing consultant grows your business in several key ways:

• Develop a comprehensive B2B channel marketing strategy. A B2B marketing consultant evaluates your current marketing efforts, identifies gaps, and develops a cohesive strategy to align tactics, channels, and teams. This strategic roadmap will guide your marketing for years to come.

• Optimize processes and optimize spend. A B2B marketing consultant audits your current marketing processes, systems, and spend. They will identify areas of waste and inefficiency and recommend improvements to maximize the impact of your marketing budget.  

• Leverage digital channels. Most B2B buyers start their journey online, so a B2B digital marketing consultant ensures you meet buyers where they are already spending time. They will optimize your website, recommend paid ads and social media strategies, and implement inbound and content marketing tactics.   

• Generate qualified leads. One of the primary goals of B2B marketing consulting is to increase the number of qualified leads for your sales team. A B2B marketing consultancy will create programs focused on reaching the right audience and turning them into viable sales opportunities.

• Improve brand visibility and credibility. With the right strategies, a B2B marketing consultant assists your brand to stand out, build trust, and shape perceptions among your target audience. This results in increased top-of-mind awareness, reputation, and credibility.

Why Your B2B Company Should Use a B2B Marketing Consultant

In today’s complex and fast-changing B2B marketing environment, it has become increasingly difficult for in-house teams to stay on top of all the latest strategies, technologies, and techniques needed to effectively reach and engage business customers. Even the most experienced B2B marketing professionals within an organization will likely have blind spots and limitations that a dedicated B2B marketing consultant could help address. Hiring a B2B marketing consultant gives your company access to an outside expert who can:

• Provide an unbiased, third-party perspective that in-house marketers may lack   

• Devise innovative and data-driven solutions tailored specifically to your business needs and goals   

• Implement proven strategies based on working with a wide variety of B2B clients and case studies   

• Leverage specialized knowledge and expertise in areas like demand generation, digital marketing, funnel optimization and buyer journey mapping     

• Identify gaps and opportunities that in-house teams may have missed due to being too close to day-to-day operations   

• Help reallocate internal resources more efficiently to focus on core competencies and strategic initiatives.

Bringing in outside B2B marketing consulting support will infuse your marketing efforts with fresh ideas, tested strategies, and targeted tactics that take your business to the next level.

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5 Powerful Ways a B2B Marketing Consultancy Boosts Your Business

Partnering with a top B2B marketing consultancy will impact your company’s growth and success. Here are five key ways that marketing experts propel your business to the next level:

1. Generate more leads. A B2B marketing consultancy’s tried-and-true lead generation strategy converts inactive website visitors into real prospects eager to learn and buy. The right techniques and channels boost traffic, capture better contact information, and qualify leads for your sales team.       

2. Improve brand visibility. Many businesses struggle to get their brand seen and heard amidst the digital clutter. A full-service B2B marketing consultancy develops branding, advertising, and PR initiatives that raise your profile, establish thought leadership, and differentiate you from competitors.

3. Optimize marketing ROI. The B2B marketing consultancy team will track key metrics, analyze results, and refine tactics to ensure every dollar spent on marketing drives real ROI. They eliminate wasteful spending and double down on the approaches that deliver the highest returns.

4. Develop new digital strategies. From content marketing and SEO to paid search, email marketing, and social media, your B2B marketing consulting partners adopt or adapt the latest digital techniques proven to engage B2B buyers and drive leads.  

5. Prepare for future trends. By staying up-to-date on all the latest B2B marketing developments, an experienced B2B marketing consultancy allows you to evolve your strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities and technologies. This future-proofs your marketing approach for years to come.

As B2B marketing becomes more data-driven, digital, and customer-focused, relying solely on internal resources will likely limit your company’s full marketing potential. 

Partnering with an experienced B2B marketing consultancy infuses your strategies with innovation, optimization, and expertise that deliver real results. From improving leads and sales to boosting your brand and preparing for the future, a consultancy’s experience, fresh perspective, and tested strategies, unlocking substantial value for your B2B business. 

Taking full advantage of what a top B2B marketing consultancy offers may be the missing piece that propels your company to the next level of growth and market dominance.

5 Ways to Cultivate a Successful Relationship with Your B2B Digital Marketing Consultant

In order to realize the full value of working with a B2B digital marketing consultant, it is important to develop a strong, collaborative relationship built on mutual trust and communication. Here are 5 key ways to foster a productive long-term partnership:   

1. Be clear and honest about your needs and goals. Let your B2B digital marketing consultant know precisely what outcomes you want to achieve and what success looks like for your business. The more transparent you are, the better-targeted strategies they develop.

2. Remain open to their recommendations. While you know your business best, your consultant is the expert when it comes to marketing. Approach their ideas and suggestions with an open mind and a willingness to experiment. Give them the freedom to be creative and innovative.   

3. Provide all necessary information and resources. Your consultant needs complete access to data, analytics, and insights into your internal operations. The more you share, the more effective their advice and solutions will be.  

4. Ask questions and clarify anything you don’t understand. Regular check-ins show your consultant you care about the work and value their input. Don’t hesitate to probe further when something is unclear or you need additional details.   

5. Establish clear expectations around communication. Agree on how often you’ll meet, what forms of communication work best (email, phone, in-person), and how quickly you expect responses. Then commit to maintaining that transparency going forward.

By following these fundamental best practices, you develop a collaborative and synergistic relationship with your B2B digital marketing consultant that will drive results for years to come. Effective communication, honesty, openness, and clarity of expectations are the cornerstones of any successful long-term partnership.

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The Wide Range of Services in B2B Digital Marketing

B2B digital marketing encompasses a broad scope of services that drive awareness, generate qualified leads, and boost sales for your business. A seasoned B2B digital marketing consultant will likely offer expertise in areas like:

Social Media Marketing
Developing social media strategies tailored for B2B, along with content plans and community management. Managing your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social profiles to engage prospects and customers.

Content Copywriting     
Creating high-quality digital content like blog posts, case studies, infographics, eBooks, and white papers that positions your business as a thought leader and attracts targeted buyers.

Search Engine Optimization
Improving your website, content, and links will maximize search engine rankings for relevant keywords and increase organic traffic. This includes onsite and offsite SEO tactics.

Business Strategy
Developing an overarching marketing strategy aligned with your business goals and objectives Identifying target personas, refining value propositions, and recommending high-impact growth initiatives

Optimized Web Design
Offering UX analysis, usability testing, and redesigning your website for faster load speeds, better mobile experiences, and higher conversion rates.

PPC & SEM Advertising
Managing paid search and search engine marketing campaigns that place your ads strategically in search results, social feeds, and other high-traffic sites.

A good B2B digital marketing consultant’s scope and range of services to push your company to the next level across channels while integrating individual tactics into a comprehensive strategy that delivers qualified leads and real ROI over time.

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How Outsourcing to a B2B Marketing Consultant Saves You Money 

While hiring an outside B2B marketing consultant may come with an initial cost, there are often significant long-term benefits and cost savings vs. maintaining an in-house marketing team:   

• Variable costs. You only pay a B2B marketing consultant for the actual services you need, when you need them. This provides more flexibility and predictable expenses compared to full-time employees.   

• Higher efficiency. Consultants are focused solely on delivering results for your business. They work quickly and efficiently to optimize processes and maximize ROI.   

• Access to expertise. Hiring and retaining top marketing talent full-time may be expensive. Outsourcing gives you access to seasoned professionals for a fraction of the cost.   

• Technology resources. Consultants often have the latest marketing technology and software at their disposal. You avoid the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining these tools yourself.     

• Scalability. You’ll easily scale up or down the services you outsource as business needs evolve. This flexibility is hard to achieve with an in-house team.   

• No overhead. Outside consultants handle their own taxes, insurance, benefits, and other expenses. You do not incur any overhead costs associated with full-time employees.

• Elimination of underperformers. When an in-house marketer underperforms, you’re stuck with them. A B2B marketing consultant’s performance is directly tied to results, incentivizing maximum efficiency.

Outsourcing at least some marketing functions to a B2B marketing consultant optimizes costs, accesses top talent, minimizes risk, and improves the ROI of your marketing spend. While an initial investment is required, the operational efficiencies, flexibility, and performance incentives often outweigh the total costs over time.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing to a B2B Marketing Consultant

Outsourcing marketing responsibilities is an effective strategy when done right. However, there are some common pitfalls businesses fall into that limit the potential benefits of working with a consultant. These include:

Not being specific enough about objectives. Vague goals like “we want to grow” or “increase leads” won’t help a consultant develop an effective strategy. Be as clear and measurable as possible – define key performance indicators, target increases in leads or revenue, and set benchmarks for the consultant to hit.  

Setting unrealistic expectations. Whether it’s timelines, budget, or impact, setting limits that are out of touch with reality dooms any partnership from the start. Establish expectations that are grounded yet still ambitious enough to drive progress.  

Failing to allocate a sufficient budget. Consultants will only do so much with limited resources. To realize real value, provide a marketing budget matching your goals and desired outcomes. Underfunding marketing efforts is a common mistake.

Limited information sharing. Consultants require full access to your data, analytics, and internal workings to develop customized solutions. If you withhold certain information, it impedes their ability to help. Be as transparent as possible from day one.

By avoiding these and other common mistakes when first engaging a B2B marketing consultant, you set the stage for a mutually beneficial partnership built on trust, alignment, and clear expectations. Proper preparation, specificity around objectives, and a willingness to share information openly are the first steps toward outsourcing success.

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Why Erfolk Digital Marketing is the Right Choice as Your B2B Marketing Consultant

After evaluating your options for outsourcing marketing support, there are several reasons Erfolk Digital Marketing stands out as the right choice as your B2B marketing consultant:

Proven track record – With over 10 years of experience working with B2B clients, Erfolk has a strong history of successfully driving measurable results for businesses like yours.    

End-to-end expertise – The team offers a full range of digital and traditional marketing services required to execute your strategy, from planning to optimization. They avoid the gaps that sole practitioners may have.

Deep industry knowledge – Erfolk’s consultants have extensive experience marketing to your specific target audience and within your industry. We tailor proven approaches to your needs from the start.

Data-driven solutions – Erfolk uses metrics, analytics, and testing to develop marketing initiatives proven to generate the outcomes that matter most to your business. Data drives all recommendations and optimizations.   

Focus on ROI – Erfolk keeps the bottom line in mind at every step. They aim to maximize the return on your marketing investment through efficiency, strategy, and tactics that prove their worth.    

Attention to detail – From campaign design to copywriting to ad testing, Erfolk’s consultants have a reputation for precision, thoroughness, and quality that consistently exceeds clients’ high expectations.

Working with a world-class B2B marketing consultancy like Erfolk Digital Marketing ensures that your business benefits from strategic guidance, customized solutions, measurable results, and maximum ROI. Their data-driven, detail-oriented approach and proven success driving B2B growth make them the logical choice to take your marketing to the next level. Schedule your free consultation call now.

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