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Ten Solid Reasons to Consider a Boutique Agency

What A Boutique Agency Can Do For Your Business

Reasons to Choose A Digital Marketing Agency for Your In-House Team

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Big is not always better when it comes to choosing a marketing firm for your business. A small agency may give you everything you need and more at a lower cost than working with a large agency.

In the same way a boutique hotel caters to clients to provide custom, personalized service, a boutique digital marketing agency provides service for your business designed to meet your unique business needs.

The best boutique agencies specialize in one or two specific areas. That means the four or five partners in the firm are highly skilled in more than one area.

Boutique agencies have a far smaller staff than large firms, and that means that the agency is the right size for you. Also note that no matter how large an agency is, it’s all too easy to forget about you, the client, since founders tend to be more focused on their own goals, not yours.

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Find The Marketing You Need

Boutique agencies are known for their small teams and niche expertise. 

As a business, you may need help with an aspect of marketing. The first shock may be when you approach a large marketing firm. They don’t want your project. They want big projects and long one- and two-year contracts. That’s not your project. 

A good marketing agency will not try to push you down a single path, put you up on long-term contracts, or convince you to invest all your budget in PPC. A boutique marketing agency will consult with you as a client and create your own personalized strategy by working together.

While a larger agency may try to cram your marketing into the systems they have in place, a boutique team will customize your marketing strategy to fit your needs. 

And your business may not know the digital marketing mix or the language of acronyms like SEO, SEM, PPC, CPC, CRO, CTA, and SERP to name a few.

As part of your digital strategy, a specialist digital marketing team will explain what it all means and make simple, transparent training a key element so that you and your company can adopt your own digital marketing activities as part of their day-to-day activities. 

If you want to fully grasp which parts of the online marketing mix will work best for your business goals, a good boutique team will test, adapt and where necessary, change activities to get you the best results possible.

It is so important to provide a flexible, custom-built strategy for your business, particularly if digital marketing is new to your small business. The small boutique agency enables your business to achieve the very best results.

Ten Solid Reasons to Consider a Boutique Agency

A boutique digital marketing firm treats you well and tailor your marketing needs to your business. Here are some ways you’ll receive individualized, expert service.

1. Those you trusted at the time you signed the agreement are often the same people that will service your account.
2. You have access to the people doing the work rather than only your account manager.
3. A connection with the agency owner, whose passion and vision led to the organization.
4. Responsiveness and adaptability to change and shifting priorities.
5. A strong commitment to getting the job done rather than an inflexible set of internal procedures that are designed to protect the agency.
6. Boutique agencies are more likely to be equally concerned about YOUR bottom line, unlike big agencies with big overheads.
7. Small boutique agencies are less likely to rely on mass-marketing practices of the past, and are more likely to use cutting-edge (and often less costly) methods and state-of-the-art technology.
8. Often smaller teams can work faster and more efficiently.
9. The agency cannot afford to support mediocre staff members, so you’re consistently rewarded with excellent talent.
10. An unacceptably meager marketing budget for a large firm may be seen as excellent for a small boutique firm.

The Forbes Agency Council underscores these advantages with the top reasons to choose a boutique agency:

Can be more affordable
Has a niche specialization
You are set up to manage multiple agencies and are confident enough to provide course corrections when required
Project-based estimates
The ability to change on the fly

These are solid reasons to choose a boutique digital marketing agency. You’ll make a better choice if you understand what that agency can do for your business.

What A Boutique Agency Can Do For Your Business

You may look for a marketing agency because you have a certain project in mind and don’t have the people or budget to do it in-house. But an agency can recommend ways to increase revenue through avenues you might not have considered. 

The agency team lives and breathes marketing and stays current with the online digital world and the technology it takes to create efficient and effective marketing campaigns.

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Creative services don’t just begin with marketing. You can have your website evaluated by an agency to ensure it is suited to all of your goals. They can also help you reach a global audience or get hyper-local through your site.

Creative services don’t just begin with marketing. You can have your website evaluated by an agency to ensure it is suited to all of your goals. They can also help you reach a global audience or get hyper-local through your site.


Unless your team is dedicated to search engine optimization, your business might not be up to date with the ever-evolving changes in search. The agency is knowledgeable about topics, entities, co-occurrences, and ontologies so that every page tells search engines like Google why your website is the answer to a customer’s query.


Copywriting is the art of writing content that speaks to your customers. Copywriters know that plain language can convert customers without the need to use technical jargon or fancy words. Copywriting that is thorough hits right into your customer’s heart.

Social Media Marketing

Social media helps your business reach as many customers as possible with powerful results. Your brand needs to be integrated with marketing goals and sales funnels in order to achieve your goals. Direct messaging and responding to post messages are important in connecting with customers.

Paid Digital Advertising

Paid online advertisements are a way for an agency to stay ahead of the game, thanks to the latest technology and analytics. The team can integrate your existing copy and graphics or create the full campaign from start to finish. Plus, the agency knows how to create a campaign that gives you the best return on your advertising dollars.

Connecting with a boutique digital marketing agency can be just what your business needs to increase revenue with a superior return on investment.

An SEO Focus Example

Let’s say your business has a website, but it’s not getting much traffic. And, even more disconcerting, the traffic you get is not taking action.

Search engine optimization (SEO) will help improve your website ranking to show up in search results pages. A boutique SEO agency can perform an audit, fix errors, and help design actions for future ranking success.

The SEO Audit. An SEO audit reviews every page on your website, looking for technical errors and places for improvement. The audit may uncover missing page titles or alt text for images or inadvertent technical signals that keep Google and other search engines from ranking your website.

The SEO Fixes. Fixing technical errors revealed in the audit can dramatically improve your ranking. That’s because Google awards websites that are technically correct-optimized for search engines with a high ranking score.

Ongoing Maintenance. Once the technical errors are improved, the next step is to add additional improvements to your website. Your SEO practitioner will help you with selecting topics and keywords that your ideal customers search for online.

Content. Once you have new targeted topics, your SEO practitioner can help you create content addressing those topics to bring more consumers to your website.

The combination of technical management and ongoing content creation aimed at your target market will improve how search engines deliver your content, bringing more buyers to your website.
This happens because your boutique agency understands your business, your target market, and the technical aspects of SEO.

Since SEO is just one aspect of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, imagine how combining other platforms and techniques can increase your business. That’s the aim of the digital marketing agency, to increase your revenue so you will continue as a client.

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Reasons to Choose A Digital Marketing Agency for Your In-House Team

When you want to expand your digital marketing footprint, using an agency will be cost-effective. You’ll also get access to the expertise that agencies offer, like technology or design.

Marketing consulting services may assist your company with understanding which marketing tactics are most effective based on market responses. Additionally, the agency can monitor your marketing efforts to maximize ROI while telling you whether they are worth the investment.

1. Flexibility

A large agency tends to “fit” your business into their established system. Boutique agencies encourage close collaboration, respond to ad-hoc issues, and facilitate frequent meetings to discuss results and projections.

You can choose the right level of service. Agencies usually offer service levels, so you can choose the one that best fits your communication needs.

2. Fresh View of Your Business

Agency services provide a perspective on your business brand and your internal marketing objectives because they work with a variety of clients.

Agency experts share their knowledge about industry trends and competitive circumstances. Often that external perspective provided by an agency can benefit your business.

3. Range of Skills

A digital marketing campaign requires a large number of skills-social media, budgeting, copywriting, creative, Google, Facebook, video ads, emerging platforms, and the list goes on. These pieces require unique abilities.

Marketing agencies hire highly qualified experts who possess a mix of skills. You will have the ideal full-time equivalent (s) who can quickly start your marketing programs without complex hiring or salary costs.

4. Latest Technology and Best Practices

Marketing agencies are constantly learning how to keep current with industry best practices and latest developments. Teams come to the table with expertise and knowledge, as well as industry partnerships, industry must-have technologies and best tools that your business cannot afford or simply cannot access.

Your agency brings knowledge and technology to expand your marketing reach while you focus on your business.

5. Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

Agencies are result-driven. A growing agency’s business and reputation are based on keeping you happy (and maximizing your ROI) so that they can retain your business.

That’s where the agency’s experience and expertise can help.

Along with these five major reasons to work with an agency, you’ll also gain the aggregated experience of the agency’s team members and experience the end-to-end project management that saves you money and time.

Develop Your Business Opportunities Online

One of the major advantages of creating an online marketing campaign is establishing a direct connection with customers. The digital world provides direct-to-consumer technology that wasn’t available ten or even five years ago. 

The digital environment can target consumers in a way that old-fashioned advertising like TV ads, billboards, and magazine ads. The old way you paid for an ad and hoped it reached the right people. 

Digital marketing establishes trust by connecting directly with the consumers who are your best prospects. 

Digital content is relevant to your customers by providing useful content at a high standard. This content allows your business to compete in the market. And by reaching the right people, you can even compete with large companies for customer acquisition. 

Digital marketing solutions from a boutique agency cost less than going anywhere else. That means you have more budget to drive new business growth. 

Do you enjoy more personal relationships, lower costs, reduced risk, and still working with highly skilled people with a particular expertise?

A digital marketing agency offers a varying range of services for their clients, so your branding and website design can be tailored to fit your needs. These days, that is a necessity. No one wants to do a site where there is no information to draw in visitors, or where visitors can’t even read it. 

A boutique marketing agency helps small businesses build brand recognition and grow their audience driving revenue.

At Erfolk, we know how to design, build, and market digital products. Our team of marketing experts and creative developers will create content that meets your needs.

We look forward to hearing about your next marketing project. Schedule your call with us now.