5 Reasons Your In-House Marketing Needs an Agency to Ensure Professional Results



Why Consider an Agency

1. An Agency Provides a Network of Minds and Skills to Develop an Overall Strategy

2. An Agency Minimizes Infrastructure Costs

3. An Agency Is Always There

You’ll Limit Your Costs and Liability

4. Agency Knowledge Surpasses In-house Techniques

Standard Agency Expertise

5. Scalability

How to Decide What Marketing Services You Need


Succeeding at digital marketing requires proper investment. investment not just in dollars, but time, knowledge, and training. But your business is large enough to have an entire division devoted to digital marketing, you’re unlikely to have the budget to employ all the experts you need in-house.

Before you make demands on Human Resources to find, hire, bring onboard, and educate a large marketing team, you may want to consider hiring an agency to augment your in-house resources.
You may discover that growing your digital marketing strategy is outside the bounds of what your business can do realistically. You need cutting-edge digital solutions and the people who know how to implement strategies that work best to connect with customers.

When an agency has an in-house person that understands your business that person can drive growth. They communicate your business goals and target audience. Your in-house person and the agency can work together to develop a marketing strategy that works within your budget and brings in revenue.

Why Consider an Agency

An agency can work in tandem with your in-house marketing team, bringing stability, affordability, and expertise to implement a marketing strategy designed to increase your revenue.

Your in-house team may know the ins and outs of your product or service and can implement piece-meal tactics, the ones they know. But in the end, those tactics may not be the ones that serve your particular business the best.

The first thing an agency will do is meet with your in-house team to learn about your business—your products and/or services and evaluate your target market.

Because an agency’s income and reputation are based on providing success for its clients, the agency will develop a plan that meets your goals.

Here are five key ways an agency can surpass in-house expansion.

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1. An Agency Provides a Network of Minds and Skills to Develop an Overall Strategy

Marketing agencies provide access to expert content writers, search engine optimization professionals, social media professionals, graphic designers, web design professionals, and paid advertising professionals.

Those experience professions form a team that brings fresh eyes to your marketing campaign and from a variety of perspectives.

Working with your in-house team, an agency brings years of experience and plus knowledge of current best practices to design a strategy that fits your business and best targets your audience.
Instead of guesswork, an agency starts with a marketing strategy.

The professionals will know which avenues to use to connect with your target market. They’ll know what kind of visuals appeals to them. They’ll know the language to use to speak to your potential customers. They’ll know how to design your website that appeals to that audience and make it easy for potential customers to navigate your website.

Your in-house team won’t have the resources to examine and use the best tactics to reach your particular audience. So, they won’t be stretched beyond their skills or knowledge.

2. An Agency Minimizes Infrastructure Costs

It is likely your business doesn’t have the funds to manage every type of digital expert.
You need to cover the expenses of hiring and educating an expert to work with your business.

Often, employees inside their company get stuck in the day-to-day grind, limiting their access to outside perspectives, different verticals, and out-of-the-box ideas. You may overlook the fact that these ruts can also lead to employee turnover. An employee’s salary includes hiring, training, and adjustment periods before that person is fully part of the in-house team.

Digital marketing agencies work with their clients in partnership. So rather than paying for a team of new employers, you work with a marketing partner.

These benefits are as follows:

• Results-driven – Your agency partner knows that if they don’t deliver results, you won’t have a working relationship for much longer. This indicates that incentives are properly aligned and there is a strong urgency to make things happen.
• Strategic insight – Your digital marketing agencey comes to your in-house team with an outside perspective. This insight helps you see obstacles you didn’t know existed. They will also give you a much higher level of consideration to how to grow your business.

If your business does not have the funds to hire every type of digital expert, with an agency, you will get more out of your marketing when you need it most.

It is very expensive and resource-intensive to replicate the skills set of an agency. If you must buy a full suite of marketing tools every single time you need to do something, it is incredibly expensive.
Using their tools, an agency will grant you a license for access if you need it.

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3. An Agency Is Always There

Marketers come and go for a variety of reasons. When they go, you experience all the strains and stress of turnover. And if you are in the middle of a campaign, you’ll be challenged to maintain continuity. No matter who leaves the firm, an external agency will always deliver. The agency absorbs the turnover and maintains your campaign with their team.

You’ll manage risk better with an agency team rather than relying on one person in your business. If an individual leaves your business, that marketing knowledge is gone.

It makes sense to use a digital marketing agency because they always have the right people. That way, when you connect your in-house team with the agency, you gain a team while limiting your overhead.

You’ll Limit Your Costs and Liability

Recruitment cost – Initially, you need to budget to find and recruit the right person. Advertisements, networking events, recruitment personnel, etc. are included in this cost. Meanwhile, the role is vacant. Filling it could take months.
Training and onboarding – There’s a lag time while each new employee gets to know the ropes before they reach full productivity. Each new employee represents a cost that you must take into consideration at the beginning.
New software – Marketing personnel need tools. It is important to consider the costs of tools that your team may require to perform their job, such as analytics, communication and HR tools.
Salaries – The biggest cost of employees for your business comes in the form of their salaries. And, the more skilled the talent, the higher the cost.
Retention – An unfortunate hire can significantly set back your business. If they do damage your brand, you could delay your marketing success. But even if it’s not that suitable, you already spent a lot of money acquiring them and you are losing money if you don’t have the role filled.
Legal – Employees can create legal consequences. For example, if a hire proves to be a bad fit after their probation period, you can encounter difficulties in releasing them from employment.

Marketing agencies are a great way for you not only to save your time but also to have a professional team to look at your business and marketing activities and see how you can progress.

4. Agency Knowledge Surpasses In-house Techniques

In-house marketers will live and breathe the business brand and have the knowledge necessary to succeed.

Online marketing is simply too large and complex for one person to be an expert. In addition, if you hire in-house, a tactic or channel may end up sticking with one set of tactics and limiting your success.

But, an agency is agile with all the latest tools and tactics.

An agency has people with expert knowledge of each channel and tool. And those people know how to maximize marketing ROI. Digital campaigns will get the desired results, and budgets will be set correctly. When you get access to a variety of high-level experts, you don’t have to hire full-timers, who may only learn by making some expensive mistakes first.

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Standard Agency Expertise

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy covers all the ways you represent your business in the digital world. An agency looks at everything from your overall strategy to reach the right target audience to the details to implement each tactic.

Business Strategy

Web design services don’t just begin and end with the creative side. The agency evaluates your website to ensure it meets all of your goals. Depending on your target audience and your goals, they’ll help you get hyper-local reach or a global audience through your site.

Web Design

You want a web design unique to your company and suitable for your target clients. You need a customized site to meet your demands. The agency irons out details and works with you to ensure you’re happy with the layout, appearance, and overall content of your site, connecting with you at every step to make sure you agree.


The agency creates words to reflect your brand targeted to your ideal customers and clients. Incorporating the latest SEO strategies, they design text to amplify your organic reach. Whatever deliverable you need in your digital marketing, a copywriting service generates textd to meet your business needs. All copy is designed to attract the right traffic, create trust, and convince readers to take action.


The agency will optimize every page on your website with the latest state-of-the-art techniques. With these techniques, they go beyond keywords to topics, entities, co-occurrence, and ontologies to make sure every page tells search engines like Google why your website is the answer to a query for a future customer.

Social Media Marketing

You want to reach as many customers as possible. An agency manages social media marketing for you to achieve powerful results. From images and text, to calls to action, the entire process includes integrating your brand with marketing goals and sales funnels.

Paid Online Advertising

Your agency works with the latest technology and analytics to stay ahead of the game with paid online ads. They can integrate your existing copy and graphics or create the full campaign from start to finish. An agency gives you the flexibility that you want and the results you need.
An experienced, professional agency team will boost the efforts of your in-house marketing allowing your business to do more with less effort and expense.

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5. Scalability

Marketing agencies are designed to jump in quickly and efficiently so your team can quickly adapt your marketing strategies.

The whole concept of marketing is to bring in revenue and help your business grow.
As your business grows, an agency offers the capability to expand your digital marketing efforts. Working with your in-house team you’ll expand your reach and drive more revenue.

And you’ll be spared the additional employment expenses of bringing on new hires.

If you do not have the budget to hire a full-staffed marketing team, hiring a digital marketing agency can be a cost-effective option as your business grows. With a social media manager’s salary, you can retain a professional social media firm and gain access to a variety of digital marketing experts.

Often, the hybrid approach is successful as your business expands. Although you may already have a core number of in-house marketing professionals, their expertise or resources may not be extensive. Key marketing services can be outsourced to agency specialists, such as social media and marketing firms, which can be very cost-effective.

How to Decide What Marketing Services You Need

The best way to structure your in-house marketing team is to examine your strengths. In-house staff live and breathe the company’s brand and are more familiar with its unique selling propositions, product sets, and buyer personas.

It is often easier to create content, write messages, and develop communication strategies with an in-house team. However, in-house teams might struggle to implement new software or stay abreast of SEO best practices and paid search trends.

Marketing agencies must keep up with the latest marketing trends and research to remain competitive. Additionally, they work with many different clients and industries, which gives them insight into new technologies and innovative tactics.

An agency can help where the in-house team struggles. For example, the agency can optimize their web pages for specific topic entities (keywords), manage paid advertising campaigns, and design creative materials like brochures, videos, and ads.

An agency offers an outsider’s perspective that can help in-house marketing teams identify innovations they may not have considered.

Agencies have seen other projects in your industry, so they are well aware of what has already been done and what works well. An agency may come in lacking an in-depth understanding of your brand and history, but they can also see opportunities that may not be visible to your in-house team.

If you do not have the budget to hire a full-staffed marketing team, hiring a digital marketing agency can be a cost-effective option as your business grows. With a social media manager’s salary, you can retain a professional social media firm and gain access to a variety of digital marketing experts.

Often, the hybrid approach is successful as your business expands. Although you may already have a core number of in-house marketing professionals, their expertise or resources may not be extensive. Key marketing services can be outsourced to agency specialists, such as social media and marketing firms, which can be very cost-effective.

What An Agency Brings to Your In-House Team

Professional agencies bring vast knowledge and experience to the table, which may be their greatest advantage. In addition to eating, sleeping, and breathing their skill set, agency employees have a wide array of experiences.

The team has a thorough understanding of which networks and digital avenues will benefit your business. And they know the ideal way to execute your marketing campaign.

An agency can make a thorough assessment of your business and implement a strategy that will give you the best chance of success since they are an outside party. Because they know what works and what does not, they can also guarantee the fastest results.

An agency offers more value than simply the core competencies of advertising, marketing and SEO. They offer a lot more because they can come up with an intricate strategy that includes all the different areas that contribute to your success.

Most importantly, agencies are very cost conscious. They understand how much you have to invest in their services and the fact that it will take a lot of time for you to reap the financial benefits.
Because agencies are intelligent and experienced, they know the best way to market people and companies. They use their professional and creative touch to help you optimize your online marketing.

If you want to learn more about how an agency can add to your in-house marketing, We’d love to hear from you. Tell us what you need. We’ll explain our agency offering. Remove the worry and contact us to discuss your digital marketing needs. Let us show you how we can work for you and build your successful marketing results.

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