How Can Google Ads Help You Advance your Business Goals?



How Google Ads Works

How Google Ads Helps Your Business

5 Ways Google Ads Can Advance Your Business Goals

How to Prepare for Your Google Ads Campaign

When a Prospect Clicks On Google Ad

Connect Your Business Goals with Your Ad Campagins


Your business goals can be many but increasing revenue will be right at the top. Google Ads can help you advance your business goals through several channels:

build brand awareness
drive sales in person
drive sales online and in-app
drive phone sales

Google explains the benefits of Google Ads to advance your business.

Google is where people search for what to do, where to go, and what to buy. Your digital ads can appear on Google at the very moment someone is looking for products or services like yours.

The value of Google ads is the power to influence how people consider your offerings by reaching them where they are online. And, with Google Ads, you can reach people wherever they are in their buying journey.

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How Google Ads Works

Understanding how Google Ads work is the key to understanding how to formulate your ads.

Auction-based pricing takes into account several factors, such as the quality of your ad, the relevance of your ads to the user’s search query, and how much you are willing to pay per click (PPC).

Click-through rates (CTRs) determine the quality of your ad, which is how many times people click on your ads. A higher CTR corresponds to a better quality score, and results in Google showing your advertisement more.

Search results are determined by the amount you are willing to pay per click and your bid for keywords. The more you pay for your bid, the more likely it will appear in a search result.

There are several ways to reach potential clients who are already interested in what you have to offer with Google Ads. You can target your ads to specific demographics, interests, and locations in addition to bidding on keywords.

As the world’s leading search engine, Google receives millions of queries each day. Google offers several advertisement types to help you connect with potential customers.

Google ads are most commonly found in search results. The specific keywords that a user enters make search ads more targeted.

Businesses can purchase display ads that appear on sites that are part of Google Display Network in addition to search ads. Display ads come in a variety of sizes and are aimed at specific demographics and interests.

Last, businesses can advertise their products on YouTube, the largest video-sharing site in the world.

With the various types of Google Ads, you can connect with potential customers at every stage of their customer journey.

How Google Ads Helps Your Business

Google Ads allows you to get your company’s name, products, and services out to potential customers.

Businesses of all sizes can engage in Google Ads to reach new customers and accomplish their advertising goals. Businesses can make sure potential customers who are searching for relevant products or services see their ads by targeting a wide variety of keywords.

Additionally, Google Ads gives businesses detailed insight into their ad performance, allowing them to adjust their strategies in real time. In addition, businesses that use Google Ads can benefit from increased brand awareness, higher conversion rates, and a greater return on investment.

If you’ve ever used Google to search for something on the internet, you have probably seen a Google search advertisement. Search ads allow businesses to place their ads on Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

If someone types a relevant keyword into the search bar, your ad can appear alongside organic search results.

There are many types of ads that you can run to target different customers:

Search Ads from Google Search
Display Ads from Google Display Network
Video Ads campaigns
Remarketing & Retargeting Ads campaigns
Shopping Ads campaigns
App campaigns

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5 Ways Google Ads Can Advance Your Business Goals

Businesses of all sizes have been successful with Google Ads. The following are five ways you can help your business run more efficiently, save time, and increase sales.

1. Develop Your Brand Awareness

Every business has a message. The more people you can get to know who would refer to your company as a brand name, the better chance you have of connecting with potential customers.
Brand awareness is the basis for how close a customer is to your product or service. New people may not be able to hear you, but it is possible.

As a result of increasing awareness, the customer will be able to gain value from your ads. When they become connected to your brand and what you’re saying, they are closer to taking action.

2. Create Targeted Ads

You can use Google Ads to create targeted ads. These are more personalized ads that work like emails or direct mail. Having something in common with a specific group of customers. These are the consumers you’re targeting.

Google offers a range of targeting options. You might want to target customers who are looking for your type of product or service. Location and language may also be targeted. This targeting helps get the right message in front of the right customer.

Here are some examples to help you target most customers:

Target customers based on industry, job title, or location
Target people who are interested in these products and services
Target people based on keywords.
Target people based on age or personality.
Target people because they have visited your competitor’s site.

Targeting gives Google Ads the ability to help you effectively run your campaigns.

3. Reach Specific Customers with Goals and Remarketing

A goal is a specific action you want customers to take. Businesses often use goals to measure success, and the data proves to be valuable. Goals are one way Google Ads helps you expand your business.

When you set a goal, you can see how many people go through the various stages of what your business wants them to do.

Google Ads can also be used for remarketing. Use this tool for advertising to customers who have previously visited your website. You can use ads that appear on the same site or on other sites to do this.

4. Targeting Saves Time and Money

With targeting, you can narrow down the number of customers who see your ads. It saves you money since your ads get seen by a smaller group of people, but people in a targeted audience.

You can target Google ads to fewer people overall, so even though fewer people see your ad, they are highly qualified prospects. You save time since you do not have to contact as many people. And the people you do contact are more qualified. Running a successful business requires timesaving measures.

Google Ads’ targeting also saves you money because you’re bidding less. Bidding less means your ads will spend less money on AdWords.

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5. Make Profitable Marketing Decisions

Marketing with Google Ads can greatly increase your business’s profits. You will find out in this section how you can use them to make marketing decisions.

Your goal is to make a decision that will lead to more sales. That’s what Google Ads allows you to do with the best marketing decisions possible. You can do this by adjusting your bids, adding different targeting options, and expanding your AdWords account.

How to Prepare for Your Google Ads Campaign

To run a successful Google Ad campaign and have your ads show up consistently, you need to know a lot. You need a well-developed audience, a good landing page, high conversion rates, low CPAs, sanity to promote your ads, and a strong list of both good keywords and bad keywords to promote them.

The basic tenets of it are this: the better your ad is written for a specific keyword/keyphrase, and the better the landing page performs, the better you can expect from it. If you do not have the right budget to promote your business, then it won’t be seen by many customers.

According to Google Ads, a competitive bidding platform—the more money you put into an ad campaign, the more people will see it and click on it. Getting it right is a huge money-maker!
Your brand is what makes you, you. That’s what separates you from your competitors, the average Joe, and the big-business Larry.

Find a voice that represents you accurately, that represents your goals, and who you want to become. Here are a few questions to give you an idea of what to expect:

What are your values?
How do you want consumers to view your business?
What do you want consumers to say about your business?

Your company’s identity and voice need to be cohesive so that every interaction across streams will come from the same voice. You can immediately reinforce that brand identity.

Brand customers will vouch for your products and preach your message as soon as it continues to promote itself.

The best part of Google Ads is that you can share everything in one place. You can spread your awesomeness through videos, shopping campaigns, service ads, and more and advance your goals.

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When a Prospect Clicks On Your Google Ad

If you want conversions (sales) from the people who click on your ad, you must reach their needs, speak their language, and highlight the benefits of your product or service – the thing they clicked on.

You pay for every click in Google Ads regardless of whether someone purchases or not.

Your landing page rewards their click by showing the benefits they will get. Although this step is only an end step in the process of creation, it is crucial to making conversions to advance your business.

Businesses often skip this step, sending visitors to their home page. But, on the home page, the person can get sidetracked from their original intention to purchase. They aren’t getting what they received in your ad.

Make sure you have a place that is appealing to people who click on your ad before you begin your campaign. Create an engaging landing page that offers them a reason to purchase the product or service in your ad.

Putting together your landing page first will help you understand what you are selling and its advantages to buyers. You will have a clear idea of how to choose your target audience and your keywords when you create your ads.

In this way, you will target your Google Ad campaign to convert searches to purchases.

Connect Your Business Goals with Your Ad Campaigns

Google Ads are guaranteed to help you reach your goals. It allows your customers to interact with your business online or in person and consider your products or services.

Also, you will be able to provide a better picture of your market so that you can reach out to them.
Online competition is very high among business owners. Therefore, understanding current marketing strategies such as Google Ads is essential.

There are also several Google Ads campaign types to match your operations, goals, and target markets. These include:

Organic search results are also associated with Google SERPs with your ads.
Google’s search engine allows websites to promote their products through shopping ads.
Display ads allow you to advertise your products or services through Google’s display network either through images, videos, or banners.
Ads in YouTube videos can display skippable or non-skippable video advertisements before, during or after YouTube content.
Advertisements on Google Search, YouTube, Ad Mob, Discover, and Play can appear with app ads.

Advertising your brand with your customers is an effective way to grow your business with Google Ads.

In order to gain new customers, your brand must increase its recall value.

A Google Ad may take three or six months to show visible developments. While the dashboard provides all the necessary information about your campaign, you can track results over time.

You can view and monitor clicks, click costs, and keywords used to reach your site from your dashboard. You are always on top of how your ad performs. With the dashboard information, you can make adjustments to improve your reach and goals.

This is where you can make the most of Google Ads—you can work with a highly transparent and intuitive system. Its real-time data can objectively show you whether your campaign is working or not. More importantly, it helps you spot problem areas to resolve or improve.

Thousands or millions of online users can view your business website after you publish your campaign. Considering traffic, you can gain potential customers and revenue more easily.

Save time and money with your ad campaigns. Spending cash will initially be necessary in order to get to know your target audience.

But you can narrow it down to the buying-ready customers with Google Ads’ targeting feature. If you deal with fewer people, you’ll have better chances of making a sale and start bidding less.

You can use Google Ads to make profitable business decisions. Using targeting helps you spot problematic aspects of your campaign, particularly those that do not generate revenue.

Remember, you will only benefit if you understand your business goals and what Google Ads can do.

Match Clear Business Goals with Ad Campaigns

When you are clear about your business goals, you’ll have clarity about your ad campaigns.

Strategic planning will minimize expensive failures and identify the right target for your product or service.

The more you know about your audience—for example, what they like and where they go online—the more you can set your Google Ads parameters. Google will search for those target people and show your ad to them.

If you are working on the specifics beforehand, you will be able to set up a Google Ads Campaign that will attract buyers. Then Google Ads will send you more as it learns more.

If creating a Google Ads campaign seems daunting, Erfolk can help you strategize, customize your audience, help you with keywords and negative keywords, and monitor and test for success.

We look forward to hearing about your next marketing project. Schedule your call with us now.