Why Your Business Needs an Outsourced Marketing Manager to Reach Its Full Potential



Outsourced Marketing Manager Definition

Struggles of Marketing the Old Way

In-House (Insourced) Marketing Has Pros and Cons

What An Experienced Outsourced Professional Brings to Your Business Marketing

How Outsourced Expertise Works for Your Business Marketing

Elevate Your Marketing Success with an Outsourced Manager

How To Find the Perfect Outsource Marketing Director

Outsourced Marketing Management Gives You a Solid Strategy

The Comprehensive Outsourced Manager Solution

17 Reasons Why Your Modern Business Must Consider an Outsourced Marketing Manager

As a modern business owner, you wear many hats. You keep an eye on the finances, ensure that customers and employees are happy, and verify that operations are running smoothly. And beyond that, one of the most important tasks on your plate is to grow sales, each and every year.

So how does an outsourced marketing manager help here?

Outsourcing your marketing management is a powerful and effective tool, so you earn more revenue and profits. Today I’ll show you why your business benefits from an outsourced marketing manager and how it not only saves you money, but makes you money.

First, let’s start with the definition.

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Outsourced Marketing Manager Definition

An outsourced marketing manager is a person or company who you engage on a contract basis to be responsible for your company’s marketing management, either in whole or in part. This person may also be called an outsourced marketing director, CMO, or outsourced chief marketing officer, depending on the size of the company and amount of financial responsibility.

There are many scenarios in which an outsourced marketing manager is the right resource. For full reference, the situations include:

1. When there’s a need for fresh marketing perspective and new ideas
2. For startups and small businesses (SMB, KMU), where cost-effectiveness is crucial
3. Getting access to a wide pool of experience, skills, and talent
4. Reduced risk during temporary, interim or project-based marketing campaigns
5. During rapid growth, when new marketing responsibilities need to be covered immediately
6. Ability to cover a niche, specialized skill, or know-how for the company quickly
7. To cover for a lack of marketing resources or skills in specific areas of the business
8. Reducing overhead costs, such as office rent, benefits, and employee head-count costs
9. Flexibility to adjust and scale the management team as needed, on a seasonal or interim basis
10. Coverage and continuity of operations during times of change or transition
11. During downsizing, when headcount needs to be reduced yet marketing still needs to function
12. Management of remote, multinational, or international marketing teams
13. Managing digital modernization and transformation initiatives or updated compliance rules
14. After a funding round, company merger, or reorganization, where marketing growth is needed quickly
15. When an existing marketing manager is on a planned or unplanned leave of absence
16. During rightsizing, when outsourced services present an organizational and accounting advantage
17. To plan, oversee, and implement a grand new marketing initiative for the entire organization

Yes that’s a lot! Which is part of why outsourced marketing is so useful.

Struggles of Marketing the Old Way

One of the best things I ever learned was that if I’m stuck on a problem, I can ask people for help, and they will help me.

Your business might be struggling with marketing, and that’s OK. It’s a common problem, so if it happens in your company, consider getting some outside help. You might be having some of these problems right now:

Your current approach is lacking direction and is not giving you results
Marketing ROI is suffering and sales numbers are down
Your brand image is uncoordinated or out-of-date
Fewer new customers are coming to your business
Your current marketing team is too small or overloaded
Inbound or outbound sales aren’t working as well as they should.

Sales Decline

With the above problems, sometimes an in-house resource is considered, yet that poses new problems in itself:

Hiring a new marketing manager isn’t possible right now, but you need help immediately
Your previous marketing director moved on, and recruitment takes time, yet sales are suffering
You need a part-time marketing manager, not a full-time one, but that’s impossible to find
The marketing team is in place, but they are stretched thin or lacking needed skills.

In all of these cases, your agency and outsourcing partner are here to help:

An interim marketing director will tailor their work to your immeidate needs
Your outsourced marketing manager will cover all the current gaps in marketing leadership
An experienced chief marketing officer from your new agency will re-distribute the load, lead the team, and deliver results.

And in all of these cases, your external resource can get started quickly, so your revenue numbers are moving in the right direction as soon as possible.

In-House (Insourced) Marketing Has Pros and Cons

Does your company currently have in-house marketing management, or are you covering this responsibility yourself right now?

Your in-house team might be great at some things, but they also might be getting stuck on others. So, even though you have an in-house team, your marketing efforts may be stretched thin or lack direction.

Because of this, your marketing spend is not bringing the results you deserve. And that’s not good for business.

When you have an internal team in place, you want the best possible results. To do that, an interim manager from a great agency is the secret sauce to bring in fresh and effective strategies.
Your new marketing manager will update your marketing plan, guide and mentor your team, and deliver effective results for your business.

What An Experienced Outsourced Professional Brings to Your Business Marketing

An experienced marketing professional is just that—they know the best ways to market your business with strategic and cost-saving methods. This way, they are brining in more clients and customers to your business ASAP.

Here are some ways your interim marketing manager will help:

Cost-Savings: Hiring a good full-time marketing manager is expensive. An outsourced marketing manager provides savings via better results, optional fractional use, and agency resources. They also save you money on expenses such as office space, benefits, HR, accounting, and training. And they adapt to your seasonal and growth needs.

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Fresh Perspective: High-energy marketing people bring new ideas to your business. They identify great markets to go after, who are waiting for your products and services. They develop a marketing strategy tailored to your business, delivering efficient results.

Dedicated Expertise: Outsourced marketing managers are true experts in their field. They have the knowledge and experience to navigate the ever-changing marketing world for you. They keep your marketing up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques, and implement them for your business strategy.

Flexibility: Your outsourced marketing manager brings flexibility. They will work with your schedule and budget to create a marketing plan that works for you. This is performed on a project basis, time basis, or with other parameters, depending on your current needs.

What counts for your business is that your marketing manager has the resources to cover every needed marketing skill.

How Outsourced Expertise Works for Your Business Marketing

Your business is different. So I’ll be able to give you more specific information when we get on a call together. In general, here are some examples of how your outsourced manager will grow your marketing and business success:

1. Strategy: Your new manager will identify, create, and define the right marketing strategy for what you need right now. And once you agree together, the implementation begins.
2. Marketing Campaigns: The above strategy will need some campaigns to implement. Whatever they are, she or he will take responsibility for implementing them successfully.
3. Projects: Besides campaigns, you might need some projects, like a brand refresh or website update. Those plans will be agreed with you and implemented on a specific timeline and budget.
4. Marketing Data & Analytics: Your interim manager will review your current analytics, and start collecting more if needed. A data-driven approach drives the best ROI and sales, so your funds and efforts are invested correctly.
5. ROI Optimization: With the above items, your outsourced manager will find opportunities to save money. On a recent project, I found 50% of our client’s paid ads were not getting clicks. Millions of dollars of ad spend were saved almost overnight, and redirected to more effective campaigns.

These examples show just a bit of how you get effective results and increase your marketing return on investment. For more specifics, talk with me in a video call here.

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Elevate Your Marketing Success with an Outsourced Manager

The importance of hiring an expert cannot be overstated. An expert in marketing brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Our professional marketing managers have 5 to 10 years of experience, and our senior marketing managers have over 20 years of experience each. And they have worked with everyone from startups to the Fortune 500. Their success means more success for you.

Remember, your new marketing manager is responsible for developing and implementing your company’s overall marketing strategy. This includes conducting market research, promoting products and services, and creating and executing marketing campaigns. An outsourced marketing manager, specifically, is a key professional you bring in from a third-party agency to handle these responsibilities for you.

Hiring an outsourced expert allows you to focus on core operations. By outsourcing marketing tasks to a pro, you invest more time in running your business and less time in dealing with marketing efforts. This allows you to grow your business more strategically.

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How To Find the Perfect Outsource Marketing Director

When it comes to finding the perfect outsourced marketing manager, here are the key criteria. Look for:

Experience: Look for someone who has a proven track record of success in marketing. They should have experience in your industry and understand the unique challenges that your business faces.
Communications: A good outsourced marketing manager communicates effectively with you and your team. They are able to clearly explain their strategies and are open to your feedback.
Creativity: A creative mind is a must-have for a marketing professional. They are able to think outside the box and come up with unique and effective methods to create market buzz and bring in new customers.
Flexibility: An outsourced marketing manager adapts to your business’s needs. They work with your schedule and budget and are willing to make adjustments as needed.
Skills: A great manager is proficient in modern digital marketing tools, such as branding, website design, SEO, social media, and analytics. They are able to leverage the latest digital marketing tools and increase your marketing ROI and ROAS in the process.
Professional: Your interim manager is the consummate professional. They are organized, responsive, well-coordinated, on-schedule, and delivering results.

By keeping these criteria in mind, you will find the perfect outsourced professional to help your business grow. To talk about your current outsourcing needs, just schedule a free call with me here.

Outsourced Marketing Management Gives You a Solid Strategy

Did you ever try to do a big project without a strategy? Starting with a strategy is the key to getting the most out of your marketing efforts. This way, you generate revenue at the best possible ROI.

Think of it like planning a road trip – you wouldn’t just hop in the car and start driving without a plan of where you’re going, right? The same goes for your marketing efforts. Without a strategy, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tactics and lose sight of the big picture.

When you work with me and my team, we’ll will sit down with you and get to know your business inside and out. We’ll identify your unique selling points (USPs), target audience, and business goals. From there, your new outsourced manager will create a strong and effective strategy for your marketing objectives.

Why do it this way? Because our strategy-first approach delivers effective and high-ROI results. It allows you to be more agile and responsive to changes in the market, customer behaviour, and technology. It helps us measure, analyze, and optimize your efforts to ensure that you achieve the best possible success.

In short, starting with a strategy is a major secret to success. And at Erfolk, success is exactly what we do.

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The Comprehensive Outsourced Manager Solution

So the big question–can you benefit from outsourced marketing director services? We know the answer is yes, and we’d love to show you how and why.

At Erfolk, we understand that your business is unique and has important needs. That’s why we offer a range of services tailored to your specific market. Here are a few ideas of what we can do for you:

Strategy: Your outsourced marketing manager develops a comprehensive strategy for your current business and marketing situation.
Branding: He or she will review your branding and make sure it’s serving your goals.
Web Design: Is your website delivering the best possible results? Your manager will check on this, and fix it, if needed. This includes being mobile friendly, accessible, and search-engine optimized.
Social Media: Stop the random madness. Your manager will implement a proper social media plan which matches your business industry and sales targets. That means the right content, on the right platform, at the right times.
Search engines: SEO is the secret sauce of a great website. You won’t have to worry about backlinks, content, and keywords anymore. Your outsourced marketing manager will cover this and make sure it’s working great.
Advertising (and PPC): Your marketing manager will review your PPC plan and update it as needed. Where can costs be reduced? Where can sales be increased? We’ve got you covered. Need paid ads in the physical world, traditional media, and radio world? No problem, we’ve got that covered too.
Metrics & Analytics: If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Your interim marketing director will track and review metrics with you and implement improvements at every step.
Copywriting: Yes we wrote this, and we write a lot more for all our clients, to create great connections with all the people you do business with.

Your results are the driving force for me and the whole team here at Erfolk Marketing. We take pride in a productive, professional, and effective partnership between your outsourced manager and your in-house team, so you achieve real results in your marketing this year.

The ideas here today should give you some inspiration. Yet a live conversation is even better.

We look forward to hearing about your next marketing project. Schedule your call now.

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Christian Pyrros
Managing Director

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