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Why Digital Marketing Is Important to Small Business

What Services Does a Digital Marketing Agency Provide?

Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

What to Expect When You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

In today’s online environment, digital marketing is key to small business success. From a website that informs customers about your business to optimizing your content for search engines to advertising to bring new customers to your business, and more digital marketing builds brand awareness that results in sales.

The internet has become an integral part of our life today, and all of us are online every day. Marketing on the internet provides the opportunity to reach out to your target audience where they spend most of their time. It is a tremendous opportunity for your small business to extend its reach.

Digital marketing requires an overall strategy to target the right people and consistent implementation to keep your business in front of consumers’ eyes.

Learn how to use digital marketing to create a great brand to reach your ideal customer to increase sales.

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Why Digital Marketing Is Important to Small Business

When you’re new to the world of digital marketing, it can be difficult to know where to start. These tips are designed to teach small businesses how marketing can help them boost their business revenue.

Digital marketing is all about bringing your customers to your business through the internet. For example, online advertising (such as Facebook ads) allows someone to connect to your company and learn about your products or services on the internet and through search engine results.

With marketing, you can carry on relationships with your customers so that they come back to you in the future.

While digital marketing may seem like an expensive process, an agency has experienced staff ready to work for your business. And, in the long run, they are very affordable. With some basic marketing materials and services, you can find out what works best for your business.

This article covers insights into the benefits of digital marketing and how a digital marketing agency can fit into your overall business plan for success.


Digital marketing is generally more cost effective than traditional marketing. This is because it will bring you profitable and worthwhile opportunities to promote your business over a wide geographic base.

Nevertheless, every form of digital marketing has its own challenges and its own costs. Your goals and objectives should be taken into account when designing a strategy that fits your business.

Target The Right Audience

Digital marketing has many wonderful advantages, such as the ability to target the right audience across different regions and on different platforms. These platforms target user behavior and extract data that your business can use to your advantage.

You can refine your strategy, reach a new customer base, and educate buyers on the benefits of using your business as a solution.

Broad Geographic Reach

Through internet innovations, you can gain immense popularity across many regions at an affordable price. Marketing a business online can reach an international audience even for small businesses. While this approach might be costly using traditional marketing, digital marketing works globally and it is seamless and convenient.

Additionally, it enhances local visibility, which helps your business target local customers. Local SEO, targeted ads, and targeted traffic can help you sell to more customers.

Multiple Strategies

Different types of digital marketing strategies fit different businesses. A digital marketing agency can help you develop the strategies that are best for connecting your business with the right audience. Some companies are interested in increasing international exposure, while others can easily benefit from content marketing, best SEO services, and conversion-based ad campaigns.

Here are some of the most common types of digital marketing strategies that you might use depending on your requirements:

Social media marketing
Email marketing
Search engine marketing
Video Marketing
Influencer marketing

Add to these, and you can also use different types of content marketing strategies to build effective online campaigns to keep your visitors engaged and brand aware. These include:

Social media posts
Visual content

Your digital marketing agency will help you determine which is right for your business and customer demographics.

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Analytics & Optimisation

A data analytics tool collects and interprets data so that it can be used to retrieve the required information. Digital marketing incorporates these web analytics, which enables marketers to measure the results of campaigns in real-time. This further helps you optimize these campaigns and correct any mistakes at a rapid pace.

What Services Does a Digital Marketing Agency Provide?

As you can see, digital marketing covers a wide variety of marketing techniques and uses various platforms. Hiring a digital marketing agency gives you first-hand access to a team with experience and expertise to focus on building your brand online.

Let’s look at what an agency can do without requiring your business to hire and train new people.

Marketing Strategy

Not every business needs every aspect of digital marketing. Developing a strategy is the first step to allocating your marketing dollars toward the actions that connect you with your customers.

The agency learns about your business products and services as well as the demographics of your target customers. You may need a consistent customer drip with email or get the attention of a young audience on Instagram or a professional audience on Twitter.

A targeted strategy can help you balance paid online advertising to bring business right now with the long-term gains of search engine optimization on your website.

Your agency has the experience to design the right strategy for you and your target audience.

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Web Design

Your website is your online home base. Wherever you reach potential customers, you can send them to your website to learn more and connect with you.

Your website needs to appeal to your audience. Colors, typeface, page design, and more need to allure your client base, resonating with their age, profession, and needs.

And, create a structure to help your customers find everything with ease. From product benefits to purchase, nothing should be more than two clicks away. Simplicity and ease are fundamental to giving your customers the best user experience on your website so they are ready to do business with you now.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) works behind the scenes to direct search engines like Google to your website. When someone searches for an answer to a question, the search engine directs them to your website as the answer.

Using a combination of keywords, structured data, and on-page organization SEO works to:

increase organic discovery
bring high-quality website traffic
create impressive return on investment (ROI)
provide 24/7 promotion
reach your entire target audience
enhance user experience on your website

An ongoing sound SEO practice brings customers to your business.


Copywriters at your digital marketing agency are experienced at creating written content that speaks to your customer concerns. They combine this customer connection with basic on-page SEO so search engines like Google will deliver your content to the right audience.

You can use copywriting services to generate web pages, articles, blogs, social media posts, and paid advertising text. Your copy is designed to attract the right traffic, create trust, and convince readers to take action.

Experienced copywriters:

generate persuasive and convincing copy
present quality content to your audience
create stress-free web optimization
connect with potential customers on a variety of platforms
get fresh eyes on your business

Copywriting combines writing skills with best online practices for your website, advertising, and social media.

Email Campaigns

One of the most powerful ways to create trust, educate potential customers, and retain current customers is your one-on-one messaging with email.

Email allows you to communicate with many people with the feeling of one-on-one conversations. The agency can recommend and set you up with an email service provider to maintain and manage your lists of subscribers and send messages.

For example, you can:

Welcome new customers
Keep customers up to date with regular newsletters
Announce sales and promotions
Nurture leads from inbound marketing

The agency will create landing pages to enroll subscribers and write the copy for all your messaging needs.

There’s no better way to keep in touch with your customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media builds brand awareness and drives customers to your website by posting text, images, and videos to connect with customers where they spend their time.

Depending on your customer base, your overall digital marketing strategy determines the best social channels to reach your target customers. And when you develop loyal followers, they help your business grow by sharing your content.

Consistent presence is the key to maintaining awareness on social media. It’s not a one-and-done activity. Your digital marketing agency will work to create, post, and connect with potential customers.

You’ll gain marketplace awareness as people respond to your posts. And you’ll develop more inbound traffic to your website.

Paid Online Marketing (SEM)

When you are looking for a way to grow your revenue, paid online advertising gets people to buy now. You have two major avenues.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising uses demographics to target your ad to responsive buyers. The ad leads to a landing page dedicated to your item on sale, encouraging people to buy now. You pay only for the number of clicks that lead customers to your landing page.

Sometimes called search engine marketing (SEM) pay per click is endlessly adjustable, allowing you to refine your advertising campaign.

Your digital marketing agency can help you refine the text of your ad, set up your landing page, and monitor results to keep your advertising within budget.

Monitoring, Interpreting Data, and Reporting

One of the biggest benefits of online marketing is the continuing ability to monitor results. Every channel and platform provides data on your activities and how your audience responds.

When you work with a digital marketing agency, they monitor all your online activity. What is more important is because of their experience, they can interpret the data and give you suggestions on how to make small changes that can result in a larger return on investment (ROI).

The agency sets up a reporting schedule with your business to let you know the results of each aspect of your digital marketing efforts. In these reporting sessions, you can ask questions and get feedback on how your overall strategy is working.

Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

As a business owner of an entrepreneurial enterprise, you want efficient and effective ways to generate revenue by connecting with the right people. At the same time, your expertise is in running your business.

Your online presence depends on data.

Data is responsible for all your web content found by semantic search and by association for marketing and branding content. Search engines search the internet for answers to queries consumers ask online.

You want your data to be found and delivered to searchers.

Successful advertising, marketing, and branding are all difficult processes, but you must also have a sterling reputation and be seen as trustworthy. That’s where digital marketing comes in.

Everything you have on the web reflects on your brand. The more you connect with clients and potential customers the better you build your brand awareness. All that data about you—your business—reflects on how potential customers and clients perceive your business.

Digital marketing is a system of connecting the data about your business with the people who are your potential customers.

Using a digital marketing agency staffed with experienced marketers can take your business from obscurity to global recognition.

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What to Expect When You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

When you start working with a digital marketing agency, you can expect the group to work as an external team for your business. On the other hand, expect to spend some time educating your new team.

Share Your Business Information

The more your agency knows about your business the better they can represent you in the online environment. And, you’ll need to tell them about your current customer base, your ideal customer, and any gap you see between the two.

Because your online presence is based on data, the more detailed specifics you provide, the better the agency can tailor your marketing efforts.

For example:

the web desginer can tailor the colors and feel of your website to appeal to your target audience
the SEO practitioner can find the best keywords to match your customers’ interest
the copywriter can style language to create a tone that resonates with your audience
the social media marketer will arresting images that grabs the attention of people who need what your business offers
the creator of paid advertising will define the advertising market based on your audience demographics

Each of these digital marketing techniques uses data as the basis of creating the right marketing ingredients for your business—both what is used like images and text and who to target.

To build the best marketing campaign, the agency needs your input.

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List and Communicate

Digital marketing agencies have ideal clients, too. When your agency reports on the progress of your marketing campaigns they’ll look for your feedback.

For instance a paid advertising campaign is designed to capture new business from your ideal client. If the campaign isn’t as successful as you both had planned, they need feedback from you. It may be they are marketing to your current customer base but that base doesn’t match your ideal client. They need more information about the demographics of your ideal client in order to get higher engagement resulting in more clicks to your landing page.

Details matter. It’s all about managing data.

Set aside time to listen in your reporting sessions. Then communicate by answering questions or even revising your thoughts on how you want to alter a marketing effort.

The agency has a vested interest in your success. Because your success is their success.

Entrepreneurship needs an online presence in today’s digital world. Whether you sell to niche market consumers or offer business-to-business (B2B) services, you can’t afford to ignore the benefits of digital marketing.

With strategic management, your agency will track your marketing performance, monitor results, report to you, and make adjustments as necessary to increase results.

Marketing communications online will increase the value of your business in the consumer world, build brand awareness, create interest in your product or service, and create new revenue streams.
Your small business deserves to be known in the online world.

At Erfolk, we help small businesses strategize, create, and maintain digital marketing campaigns to increase revenue.

We look forward to hearing about your next marketing project. Schedule your call with us now.