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Social Media Marketing

We know you want organically to reach as many customers as possible. We manage SMM for you to achieve powerful results. The entire process includes integrating your brand with marketing goals and sales funnels.


We create words to reflect your brand targeted to your ideal customers and clients. Incorporating the latest SEO strategies, we design text to amplify your organic reach. Our copywriting service generates an array of deliverables to meet your business needs. All copy is designed to attract the right traffic, create trust, and convince readers to take action.



We optimize every page on your website with the latest state-of-the-art techniques. We go beyond keywords to topics, entities, co-occurrence, and ontologies to make sure every page tells search engines like Google why your website is the answer to a query for a future customer.

Business Strategy

Web design services don’t just begin and end with the creative side. We evaluate your website to ensure it meets all of your goals. We’ll help you get hyper-local reach or a global audience through your site.

Web Design

Our web design will be unique to your company and suits your target clients. We don’t do cookie-cutter sites. We customize your site to meet your demands. We work to ensure you’re happy with the layout, appearance, and overall content of your site. And we connect at every step of the way.

PPC & SEM Marketing

We use the latest technology and analytics to stay ahead of the game with paid online ads. We can integrate your existing copy and graphics or create the full campaign from start to finish. ERFOLK gives you the flexibility that you want and the results you need.

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How we help your sacramento digital marketing

Business is tough today, especially in California. We know how to work with your needs to achieve results not only in Sacramento, but everywhere you do business.

You don’t want just any Sacramento marketers — you want a full-service digital and online team who know how online sales and marketing really works.

Modern business demands results, and that’s what we deliver for you. For any Sacramento business you have, we’re here for you.


Your success is our success. Our coordinated team cares about your business.

We’re multi-disciplinary with years of experience and expertise.

Most of all, we care about your business success.


Listen. Customize. Implement. Test. Measure. Adjust.

And we work together.

Nothing is piecemeal. All aspects of your website process work together seamlessly. No one works in the dark. Every team member understands your goals, working to integrate their work to fit your overall strategy.

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